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United Kingdom
Italian Gamine from Silvi
An Italian Gamine from Silvi, Italy in the same Salmon Pink as one of my Gamines.
Simon's Gamine
Simon's newly restored UK Gamine taking part in his wedding.
Claudio's Lovely Swiss Gamine
Claudio's Lovely Swiss Gamine.
Michael's Lovely Fully Restored Gamine
Michael's Lovely Fully Restored Gamine.
From St Joseph, Barbados
From St Joseph, Barbados but in need of a little love and attention. The restoration starts this year (2015).
A UK car from Hampshire
A UK car from Hampshire. Rod has owned her for ten years and is currently restoring another one.
Dutch Gamine
This is a Dutch Gamine which was restored in 1984 to as new condition. He is the third owner.
Scotish car
First owned by Sir Hugh Fraser in 1968. She was then purchased by the present family in 1969 and resides in Scotland.
Ahmeds car
Ahmed's Gamine in Kuwait, which is suffering a little tin worm (The full story is attached to the Gamine Facebook Page).
Angelas car
Owned by Angela since 1986 and living in Hampshire. Her Gamine has been extensively restored and now has a 650cc engine and disc brakes.
Jens car
Jens Gamine from Denmark. He has owned her since 2007. She is only on her second owner and has done 24,000km.
Marks car
Marks Gamine from Hertfordshire.
Johns car
Johns Gamine from Tottington, what an interesting Collection.
JHW Classics
If you ever need to hire a quality car whilst in the UK, this Gamine can be hired from JHW Classics.
A French Gamine owned by Dominic
A lovely example from France.
A Swiss Gamine owned by Fabio
Bruno's Swiss Gamine fully restored.
Another Swiss Gamine owned by Bruno
This is Bruno's second Gamine, which has been completely restored. Like a lot of us, one Gamine just doesn't seem to be enough.
A Dutch Gamine owned by Martin
This is a Dutch Gamine which I think was imported by the present owner from New Zealand, hence she is right hand drive. Martin, who owns her, also started the excellent Gamine website <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Owned by Ansgar from Munich
Ansgar's Gamine purchased this summer form Somerset, UK, moving to her new home in Munich, and also the first Gamine to be photographed be this rather famous statue in London?
An English Gamine
Purchased in the late 70's for a very nominal sum, when I was 12 years old. Kept on a farm in her early days, I learnt to drive in her. She has since been restored and is treated with much more respect
An English Gamine
An English Gamine which was purchased in 2006. She was red and yellow, but has since had an enormous amount of cosmetic work done on her. She was purchased to keep the Pink Gamine company, as well as my son's legs kept growing, and he couldn't fit behind the seat any more
A Dutch Gamine owned by Theo
A Dutch Gamine owned by Theo since 1983, which was purchased from the original owner
Owned by Neil
Owned by Neil, and presently residing in Hertfordshire
Owned by Roy
Vinnie is from Israel and is owned by Roy
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